Practice Snapshot Assessment (PSAT)

Evaluating and Preparing Your Practice To Be a High Performing Practice

How healthy is your practice?

You may or may not know how to answer this question. However, many high performing practices proudly engage in Brentnalls Health services. Why? Because we understand the key drivers that differentiate high performing practices from other practices. 

What is a high performing practice? 

A high performing practice thinks and act strategically, are well-governed and managed, engage high quality and talented people, and efficiently operate while delivering high-quality services ensuring the business's financial viability.

Would you like to be a High Performing Practice?

A practice assessment is an opportunity for an independent appraisal of your practice's business performance and identify future growth areas. Through our engagement to conduct a comprehensive practice assessment, we know that our comprehensive operational analysis will deliver the right solutions that will enable your business to achieve its business development goals.

The assessment requires a mix of strategic, operational & financial knowledge and expertise specific to general practice. We understand the importance of implementing operative structures and streamlined processes to improve efficiency. And at the same time, maintain sufficient flexibility to respond to patients' needs, promote a healthy work/life balance, and foster a positive workplace culture. 


Be a high performing practice. How healthy is your practice. The heart beat of the practice.

we care about your future

Dr Natalie Payne, Partner | Tanunda Medical Centre

"Practice Snapshot helped us to take stock of all the important aspects of running a successful practice. We were able to identify gaps
and areas that needed attention. Through the process, the Brentnalls Health team highlighted areas that we needed to learn more about,
and they assisted us with our initial strategies towards doing this."

Benefits of PSAT

  • Insightful analysis of how well your practice is performing.
  • Identify opportunities to realise increased practice performance and business growth.
  • Facilitates discussion and decision making within your leadership team.
  • Plan a pathway to becoming a high performing practice.
  • Delivery of business improvement and financial returns when recommendations are implemented.

Now is the time to take control, find clarity, certainty, confidence and a collective drive that will elevate your practice into the future. 

Let's get started...

Brentnalls Health Practice Snapshot Lite is for FREE.

A start to becoming a 
High Performing Practice.

  • Upgrade to Practice Snapshot or Full Practice Assessment at any time.
  • One user access to Lite Version of practice assessment survey (10 questions).
  • Complimentary conversation with industry leading health business advisor to discuss your assessment results.
  • Automated report provided of your assessment results to enable discussion amongst your management team.
  • Quarterly "Considered Health" newsletter. 

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Brentnalls Health Practice Snapshot Assessment for $1,500 plus GST.

The perfect start to becoming a
High Performing Practice.

  • Upgrade to a Full Practice Assessment at any time.
  • Complimentary initial conversation with a health business advisor to customise the delivery of Practice Snapshot Assessment Tool to meet your needs.
  • Multiple user access with practice assessment survey (58 questions)1
  • Results of assessment analysed by industry leading health business advisor and presented in person to your practice principals and management staff.
  • A summary report will be provided outlining your assessment results to enable discussion amongst your management team.
  • Quarterly "Considered Health" newsletter.

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1 Practice Snapshot Assessment questionnaire is multiple-choice and does not require the release of any sensitive financial practice information.

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Comprehensive Practice Assessment valued from $7,000 plus GST simply complete the form below.

You are ready to be a
High Performing Practice.

  • Bespoke comprehensive practice assessment service.
  • Complimentary initial conversation/meeting with leading health business advisor to customise the scope of your practice assessment engagement.
  • Full day on-site assessment/interviews meeting with your leadership team and key staff.
  • Initial verbal report to practice Principals at the conclusion of the on-site assessment.
  • Results of assessment document in a comprehensive report identifying opportunities for increasing business performance and improving operational efficiency.
  • Provision of recommendations prioritising key implementation strategies to enhance your business performance.
  • Your health business advisor is available to answer any of your queries and/or to discuss on-going assistance in implementing assessment recommendations.
  • Comprehensive written report provided outlining your assessment results and recommendations to enable implementation by your management team.
  • Quarterly "Considered Health" newsletter. 

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Our Services

Our services go beyond compliance to find out more about your goals, your priorities and establish plans to grow and protect your future wealth. We will take the time to listen, ensuring we meet your goals, as well as guide you so you have a better understanding of the financial decisions being made. 

"The motivation of seeing tangible growth in wealth helped us to realise our financial goals well ahead of time."
Marcus Rolfe | Director, URPS

Our services include:

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So, when people ask, "why are you different from other firms?" We appreciate that to be your trusted advisor; we need to understand the industry you work within. We focus on finding out more about your short- and long-term goals and priorities, so we can proactively provide the value your seeking.

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You may then ask, "what about industry-related issues?" the answer is we place a great deal of importance in understanding and keeping up-to-date with industry-specific issues. Brentnalls SA's strength is in our firm's collective experience and depth of industry knowledge. We understand your need to feel confident and comfortable; therefore, we have considered all the issues and challenges that you've faced on an ongoing basis.

"Helping you achieve your dreams, is our passion, and our strength is in our dedicated professional team."

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Our priority is to ensure you're kept up-to-date on trends, industry legislations, accounting and tax updates, business advisory information, superannuation and much, much, more. All of which, may have an impact on you and your business. 

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