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Issue 115 - June 2017

ATO - making myGov work for you

An online myGov account gives you electronic access to a range of government services, all with one login and one password.

In fact, having a registered myGov account is becoming the only way you can access online services with most government agencies, including Medicare, Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office.

For example, you can no longer lodge your personal tax return electronically without a myGov account. Without using a tax agent, the only other option is to lodge a paper return, which is going to take the best part of three months to process and return a refund (rather than two weeks if lodged electronically).

Creating a myGov account requires you to have an email address. This is prohibitive for some people, making it difficult for them to manage their own tax affairs.

However, once you have created a myGov account you can link one or more government services that you would like to use online.

A word of warning

As handy as the online system is, beware; once an online service is linked all communication from that organisation will only be sent electronically.

You will receive a text message or email notifying you of the correspondence, but you must remember to log in to your account to retrieve the mail. Otherwise you may miss some important documentation, such as a tax payment notice or a reminder to lodge or update information.

Even if you use the services of a Tax Agent to lodge your tax return, if you have linked your ATO account to your myGov account, you and your accountant will no longer receive a paper copy of your assessment notice or other ATO correspondence. It will only be accessible electronically to both of you.

Other online services accessible through myGov include Child Support, Department of Veteran Affairs, My Aged Care, My Health Record, Australian JobSearch, NDIS and Victorian Housing Register Application. You can also manage ABN connections through a myGov account.

Having a myGov account is incredibly useful for a number of tasks, especially for dealing with Centrelink online. You can lodge most claim forms, report necessary information and view the status of payments and lodged forms online, rather than spending a lot of time in a queue, or on hold, and that can only be a good thing.


Improving Your Sales Pitch

Getting a sales pitch right can be incredibly tricky as there are many things that you need to consider.

Even the slightest moment of uncertainty or hesitation can cost you the customer's trust, and you need to be able to think on your feet in order to respond to difficult questions.

The benefits of having refined sales skills also goes beyond dealing with customers. You can transfer these skills of persuasion into other areas of your professional life, for example, when dealing with employees, suppliers or investors.

While the gift of the gab does come more naturally to some, the good news is that it is definitely possible to improve your verbal communication with a little preparation.

Believe in what you're selling

If you don't believe in what you're selling it will be glaringly obvious to your customer. Spend some time with a pen and paper listing all of the positive attributes of your product or service. Think about who might benefit from it, and in what kind of situation. Writing all of this down will allow you to look back over it and appreciate all the great things that your business does.

Learn to control your voice
The tone of your voice can make a huge difference in a sales pitch. One of the worst things you can do is talk too fast. Talking quickly will give off an impression of nervousness, which in turn may undermine your credibility. Practice pacing your speaking voice when you are alone until you find a pace that you feel sounds natural.

Listen and respond

A huge mistake that many salespeople make is to lecture their customers without pausing to let them contribute. Remember that a sales pitch is a conversation, not a presentation, and customers may come to feel bored or even insulted if you simply speak at them for an extended period of time.

Make sure that you make eye contact regularly, and if they look as though they want to say something then allow a pause in which they can interject.

Prepare for questions

There will always be questions from customers in regards to the things you have explained in your sales pitch. Some of these will be easy to answer and others more difficult. Being unable to answer a customer's question is one of the worst positions you can find yourself in, and it is advisable to prepare yourself for the most difficult questions you can imagine. If you are struggling to think of what these might be, ask a friend or colleague to role play with you.

Know your close

The most common place to lose a customer is just before or during your close. If you leave a pause before you attempt to make your close it can give them an opportunity to thank you and walk away.

The best way to close your sales pitch is to make a judgement call on how well you think the sale is going and carry on accordingly. A customer who seems interested may just need a simple inquiry about whether or not they wanted to purchase, whereas with a customer who seems sceptical you may be better off asking if they have further questions.


Simpler BAS

The ATO are simplifying bookkeeping and reporting requirements by reducing the amount of GST information required on Business Activity Statements (BAS).

From 1 July 2017, small businesses will only need to report the following GST information on their BAS form:

  • GST on Sales (1A)
  • GST on purchases (1B)
  • Total Sales (G1)

This will become the default GST reporting method for small business (turnover less than $10 million).

Brentnalls SA Practice App

Brentnalls SA are very excited to announce the release of our Practice App. The Brentnalls SA App is available from all App stores by just clicking on the appropriate links below.

Why has Brentnalls SA developed an App?

At Brentnalls SA we always strive to make sure we are across the latest technology changes and how they can make the services we offer our clients even better. Here are some of the key benefits you will enjoy using our App

  • Access to your documents via the portal button where you can even sign tax returns using our App
  • Key Dates for all your tax lodgement requirements
  • Keep up to date with events we are running
  • Receive push notifications with important updates from us
  • One touch and you can call the office
  • Access to our complete library of newsletters
  • Easy Access to the official ATO app which includes (GPS log book and Receipt Photos)
  • Database change forms

Download the App, jump in and have a look. Here are some things you can do when you download the app.

  1. Tap on the Info video channel icon and have a look at some of the ATO App videos, it is a great App that makes it really easy to access Australian Government services you can even link your MyGov inbox to the ATO App.
  1. Register as a user of the App, this will give us the extra ability to send a push notification specifically to you. Just tap on the icon in the top right hand corner of the App and follow the instructions.
  1. Get you Portal setup. With the ATO going paperless and Australia Post taking at least 3 days for delivery of standard mail items, we are offering our clients the convenience and speed of a client Portal. Tap on the Portal icon and click register and we will set your portal up ready to go. You will even be able to sign documents electronically from the App. If you already are registered to use the portal just enter your login details.
  1. Tap on the Feedback icon and fill in the new App Survey. We would love to get your feedback on our new App and also any new ideas you might have.
  1. Tap on the Forms icon and have a look at how easy it is to send us your change of details using the App.

We hope you enjoy using our App and remember to let us know any feedback you have.


SA Stamp Duty Reform for commercial property

As part of the 2015-2016 South Australia tax reforms, stamp duty on non-residential non-primary production real property transfers will continue with another one third
reduction from 1st July 2017 and will be completely abolished from 1st July 2018. 

If you are thinking of entering into a contract to purchase a commercial property, it may be worthwhile delaying until after 1st July 2017 to benefit from a two-thirds reduction in Stamp Duty, compared to the one-third reduction currently in place.

Conditions apply so please contact our office to discuss your individual circumstances. 




What is SurveyMonkey? 

SurveyMonkey is an online tool for developing customer surveys. It provides a range of customisable surveys as well as tools for analysing and reporting responses. 

Who can it help? 

SurveyMonkey can assist businesses to analyse their existing customer base, monitor customer satisfaction, explore new markets, plan and host events and monitor employee satisfaction and engagement. Customer feedback can be transformed into website ready testimonials.  


SurveyMonkey can assist businesses to monitor customer satisfaction and make decisions based on what customers are saying about you. This feedback can then be used to keep customers happy and turn them into advocates for your business.  

Market research surveys can provide an accessible and affordable way to find out key demographic information on consumers in your market. You can use existing customer lists, social media followers or alternatively, you can "buy" a targeted audience for your survey if you would like to publish your survey outside of your existing networks.  

SurveyMonkey is also an effective tool for managing many aspects of human resources including performance reviews, job satisfaction surveys and training and development needs analysis. 


SurveyMonkey is free for surveys of up to 10 questions with up to 100 responses. The Select plan at $24 per user per month allows unlimited questions and responses, 24/7 email support, custom themes and data exporting and reporting. Gold and Platinum plans are also available offering more detailed data analysis and survey tools.

Looking for Staff – Trial before you hire

A new Federal Government program has been introduced to address youth unemployment called Youth Jobs PaTH. Not only is it designed to support young people in gaining the necessary skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job, but is also supports employers who host internship placements and provides the employer with incentives when they take on a young worker.

Part of the Youth Jobs PaTH program is called Trial which provides young people with voluntary internship opportunities to help them gain real work experience. Employers can trial a young person on an internship for between 4 and 12 weeks to see how that person fits into the workplace and whether they are suitable for ongoing employment.

Interns are unpaid by the workplace but receive a fortnightly incentive of $200 in addition to their income support payment which is paid by the Government. The workplace receives a $1,000 upfront payment to cover the costs of the internship. Insurance to cover the intern is paid by the Government. In addition, employers who hire an eligible young jobseeker can receive up to $10,000 to assist in the costs of hiring and training. 

For more information see

Brentnalls SA's Biggest Morning Tea

Last month we raised $460 to help beat cancer by hosting Brentnalls SA's Biggest Morning Tea.

This month Brentnalls SA is supporting:

Saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth,
infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.

Client News

Congratulations to Cristina Tridente of couture+love+madness, the first South Australian to be accepted into London's prestigious Central Saint Martins fashion school.

Brentnalls SA News

We welcome Jasmine Iliadis-Joyce who has joined our Administration team.

Congratulations to Christina Gulliver and her husband Andy on the birth of Lawrence (Lawrie) Andrew Gulliver.

Congratulations to Heidi Dow and her husband Glenn on the birth of their baby girl Georgia Marley Dow.

Congratulations to Yanli Ye on completing her SMSF Specialist Advisor course with the SMSF Association.

Meet Alex Sacca

Alex Sacca
  I joined the Brentnalls SA team during 2014 whilst in my final year of study at Flinders University. Since receiving my Bachelor in Commerce (Accounting), I have been working my way through the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting, offered by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, of which I am near completion.

I have enjoyed being a part of Brentnalls SA, and working with a range of businesses to further add to my knowledge base in both client industries and the world of Accounting and Taxation.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, working on small building projects and making the most of the outdoors.





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Brentnalls SA App
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