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Does your healthcare business rely on patient referrals?

If growing your healthcare business is reliant on quality patient referrals think no further than your current loyal and satisfied clients. Their word of mouth referrals are invaluable and have the potential to provide your practice with a high volume of quality new patient referrals.

Ask your team these questions:

  • When is 'the moment' when patients are fully engaged with you and your practice? 
  • When do they put their trust in you to provide them with the health outcomes they desire? 
  • When do they start enthusiastically referring your practice to their family and friends?
  • Securing highly engaged patients who are advocates for your practice takes planning and does not happen by accident. It requires all aspects of your business management systems to work seamlessly together, creating a practice environment where your clinical and support team work hand in hand. As a team, you let the patient know they are at the centre of their care and that they are supported and in the right place to reach their health goals. 

The patient experience can be identified through seven key areas as shown in the infographic below.

Infographic identifying the seven key areas of a patient experience.

A patient experience system provides your practice with an integrated system of patient care and connection and with this, business growth.

It starts with defining your team's collective goals and values, then drawing a roadmap of possible improvements that can be actioned through assessment and review of your current systems. 

Written by: Danny Haydon | Principal, Health Division

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