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"Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."  ~ Winston Churchill ~


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Your Business Cashflow Checklist (Christmas & New Year) Period

The Christmas and New Year holidays require business owners to give thought to how they are going to run their business during that period. It's important to prioritise the actions required to manage cashflow successfully.

The checklist below is a reminder of the key actions that all business owners should take in regards to sales, staffing, expenses, and funding related matters.

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The Patient Experience that Drives Quality Patient Referrals

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Does your healthcare business rely on patient referrals?

If growing your healthcare business is reliant on quality patient referrals think no further than your current loyal and satisfied clients. Their word of mouth referrals are invaluable and have the potential to provide your practice with a high volume of quality new patient referrals.

Ask your team these questions:

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Farm Succession, Retirement Planning & Aged Care

Succession, Retirement Planning and Aged Care image of a piggy bank with a tree growing inside depicting future planning.

How important is a farm succession plan?

Succession and retirement planning are often pushed aside as being too hard or when you are too busy running a farm. Retirement and aged care financial planning are intricate, and it is essential that you plan ahead to get the desired outcome.

Often, all the wealth is in the farm, with limited off farm assets, low superannuation and no entitlement to Age Pension.

By planning your exit early, you can maximise the value of your farm business while helping to meet future needs, without the need for a major increase in debt. It can also reduce the complexity of transitioning ownership to the next generation.

When should farm succession planning be addressed?

Advisory Boards - The Saviour for Family Businesses

Advisory Board Meetings image of people sitting around a desk.

What is an Advisory Board?

Family businesses are often run by one or two people at the head of the family and have an informed decision-making process. While this can be fine for small businesses at first, more mature and growing family businesses can benefit from a more formal board structure. 

Advisory board meetings may sound tedious; however structured get-togethers can make the difference between success and failure. In family businesses, it is wise to ensure that all major decisions are based on informed data/analytics and receive due scrutiny.

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4 Strategies for an Effective Performance Review

Strategies for an effective performance review requires planning image

What are our four strategies for a productive performance review?

For many employers, performance reviews can be the most stressful work conversations they have.

Quite often, managers try to deliver feedback like a sandwich, start with some positives, then talk about the negatives and finish with some more positives. It ends up sending a mixed message and can leave your employees feeling disappointed and confused.

We have compiled four strategies to help your performance reviews become more productive and less stressful for all:

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