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Government Stimulus Measure:

Temporary Reduction of Superannuation Minimum Drawdown Requirements

What is the stimulus/relief?

The Government is temporarily reducing superannuation minimum drawdown requirements for account-based pensions and similar products by 50 per cent for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 income years.

What is the aim of this initiative?

This measure will benefit retirees with account-based pensions and similar products by reducing the need to sell investment assets to fund minimum drawdown requirements.

Who is eligible?

The reduction applies to:

  • account-based pensions (including transition to retirement income streams);
  • allocated pensions (including transition to retirement pensions); and
  • market linked pensions (also commonly called term allocated pensions).

The relief does not apply to lifetime or life expectancy pensions.

How do I get it?

No need to apply, just reduce the amount of pension withdrawn according to the following table:

Shows the amount of pension withdrawn according to age, for the temporary reduction of superannuation minimum drawdown requirements. 

Note: If a pensioner has already drawn more than their reduced minimum they cannot return the surplus pension payments to the fund.

Who should use this stimulus/other consideration?

Those clients that do not need the funds and do not wish to sell assets in the current market to fund the withdrawal.

Closing comment

The Government is moving quickly and things are changing daily with regards to the response to COVID-19.  

Should you have any queries regarding this measure or any Government measure announced in relation to COVID-19, please contact our office for more information.

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