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PIRSA - On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

The SA Government is offering a rebate to drought affected farmers who invest in on-farm water infrastructure.

An eligible farmer can access a 25% rebate up to $25,000 (GST exclusive) for the new purchase and installation of pipes, water storage, water pumps and dams.

This program has been established for primary producers in drought affected areas for the costs associated with the purchase and installation of on-farm water infrastructure that:

  • assists primary producers to be more productive,
  • assists in mitigating degradation of natural watering points,
  • addresses animal welfare needs,
  • assists primary producers to be more resilient for future droughts.

The rebate is applicable for work undertaken after 1 July 2018 to 31 March 2021 (or until funding exhausted).

The availability of rebates is subject to funds being available in the Program as no rebates will be offered beyond the allocated funding of $4.75 million.

Applicants may only apply for one grant.

Eligibility Criteria 

This rebate applies to the purchase and installation of emergency water infrastructure for livestock including:

  • Pipes,
  • water storage devices such as tanks and troughs associated with stock watering,
  • water pumps,
  • de-silting of existing dams, where you can demonstrate that the property does not have access to groundwater,
  • drilling of new stock water bores and associated power supply such as generators, de-salinisation plants,
  • other materials or equipment necessary to install the above excluding purchase of machinery,
  • any freight component to purchase and install the equipment,
  • the professional installation costs to install the water infrastructure.

The water infrastructure in respect of your Application must be installed for livestock permanently residing on your property.

Eligibility Area

This rebate is only eligible for farms located in eligible area which includes –

  • Mid & Upper North
  • Murray Mallee
  • Upper EP
  • Pastoral areas

A map highlighting the eligibility areas can be found on the link below.

For further information On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme please refer to the PIRSA website.

How can Brentnalls Agribusiness help?

If you require more information please contact one of our advisors at Brentnalls Agribusiness. Our objective is to see you and your farming business thrive now and into the future. Please download the PDF which identifies eligibility area for On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme.

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The information provided in this information sheet does not constitute advice.  The information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your individual situation.  It should not be used, relied upon, or treated as a substitute for specific professional advice.  We recommend that you contact Brentnalls SA before making any decision to discuss your particular requirements or circumstances.

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