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Practices can no longer afford to be reactive to the external influences that dictate how they function. For medical practices to remain viable in times of constant change and uncertainty, they will need to transform into proactively managed businesses that are determined to create the preferred future, based on a common sense of vision and purpose and this can be done by developing a strategic plan.

Some of the key factors driving these changes include reforms, the implementation of the Health Care Homes model of care and Digital Health systems. Implementing a business strategy during these challenges is essential to ensure your practice not only survives, but thrives.

Developing a strategic planning platform sets the foundation for practices to progressively manage a clearly defined vision and purpose.

Does your practice have a common sense of vision? Does your practice think and act strategically? Is your practice proactively managed?

Brentnalls Health will facilitate a strategic planning process for your practice that will assist in drawing together your collective goals, aspirations and ideas, and organise them appropriately. This will provide you and your team a direction that is clearly defined and meets the visions and goals set out in the plan. The plan will describe the key areas for development and an action plan for its implementation. Maximising your medical practice, benefits the practice, the team, the patients and the community.

For further information on strategic planning read our information sheet on "Future-proofing Your Practice".

Benefits of a Practice Manager Mentoring blue banner.

The benefits are:

  • Confirms shared vision and purpose,
  • Provides a platform for effective decision making,
  • Builds ownership and buy-in for people involved in the process,
  • Provides a clear focus for the investment of effort and resources,
  • Increases productivity and builds stronger teams, and
  • Communicates goals and objectives to stakeholder.

Service inclusions for Strategy Planning blue banner.

Service inclusions are:

  • Preparation and planning for the session.
  • Planning workshops with principals and the practice's leadership team.
  • Draft strategic plan for review.
  • Complete documentation of strategic plan.
  • Support and assistance with implementation.


Danny Haydon, Principal Brentnalls Health
Danny Haydon | Principal at Brentnalls Health 
"Most clients don't know the full potential of their practice. It's my job to help them uncover and realise the true value of those opportunities."  
Danny Haydon, a Principal, has been a business consultant to the Medical and Allied Health industry since 2008, advising on all areas of practice management including business planning, infrastructure development, HR management, and increasing available services. Danny enjoys working with the owners of a business to help define their future goals, in particular, assisting group practices to gain a shared understanding of their future direction. 
  • Danny currently enjoys the following high profile appointments:
  • Board Member and Past President (2014-2017) of the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM), 
  • Board Member of Sonder formerly known as Northern Health Network (NHN),
  • Executive Officer of Clare Medical Centre,
  • Practice Management Consultant for Maari Ma Aboriginal  Health Corporation,
  • Member of the Health Care Homes Implementation Advisory Group.

Additional service offerings:

You may wish to engage Brentnalls Health for further services which fall outside of the method detailed above. The additional practice services offered by Brentnalls Health including the following:

Note: The additional services are not included in this scope of work.

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Helping practices achieve their goals is our passion. Our strength is in our dedicated professional health team. Make the time today to book an appointment with Danny Haydon, Principal.


Your investment in our strategic planning package will be advised once the full scope of the work has been determined.

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