Culture Matters

Many words are used to describe culture:

  • The DNA of an organisation
  • The way things are done
  • The way we behave, the way we are treated, our beliefs and so on

Likewise the journey and embodiment of culture differs across businesses, be they startups, growing or mature.

One thing is for sure though – culture affects performance.

Good cultures empower people and attract business because stakeholders are engaged, customers have confidence in their dealings, employee turnover falls, costs are generally better managed, and the likelihood of increasing revenues is enhanced.

Bad cultures cause disengagement of staff, segregation, poor customer outcomes, waste, increases in costs, misapplied management time and likely result in falling revenues.

In essence, good culture takes business from sustainability to high performance, bad culture from sustainability towards the abyss!

Culture is not just about saying it, it is much more about living it – 'words' can be hollow.

So what are some examples of bad culture?

  • Telling the good, hiding the bad
  • WHS – policy and truth, versus action
  • Things go wrong – leaders send others
  • Sense of over-entitlement, lack of accountability
  • The customer doesn't matter

You can turn your culture around, you can grow your culture by:

  • Engaging with people, asking questions
  • Walking around, observing, thinking
  • Using Performance and Exit interviews
  • Surveying customers, employees, suppliers
  • Ensuring strategic and cultural alignment
  • Embedding culture in employment and performance management decisions

Set it, Engage, Live it, Act it.

Get the whole team involved

Remember, High Performing Culture = High Performing Business

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