Whether it is the premises you operate from, the plant
and equipment you use, your financial position and
management, the people in your business, government,
customers or suppliers, all play a role and have an
impact in the outcome.

Taking the time to take stock (as opposed to stocktake) of
your position, what's working and what's not, is essential in
building a better business.

Honestly assessing where you sit across these areas
and generating ideas about how to improve, then
setting an action place about addressing those
opportunities or challenges is well worth the time

Set obtainable but stretch goals, and set dates when
you will review your achievements (or shortfalls).

Involve your team in your goals and plans, as appropriate,
so people understand and are engaged in the journey.

If you are struggling where to stand with all this ask your
accountant or business adviser for some guidance, there
are tools and processes available.

One thing I use a lot in creating change or improvement is

List 3 things you should keep doing and 3 things you should
stop doing.  Ask your team to do it on you, and do it on your
team.  It's a short form 360º  performance review tool but it works.

Industry Focus

We have a deep understanding of the issues facing small to medium enterprises but we recognise that to be trusted business advisors we also need to understand the industry you work in.

You need to be confident that your advisors are up to speed on the issues and challenges that you face.


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